We are the European leaders in the production of gift wrapping.

Practical, fast and always fashionable packaging. Not only gift bags, but also rolls, sheets and accessories.

Ideal for wrapping, protecting and transporting any gift or bouquet.

Transparent or coloured; metallized, pearlized or plain; in your favourite diameter, band, or length; classic or fashionable; for a festivity or everyday… well, you can choose the product that suits you best!

Plain or printed, ideal for florist decorations.

100% recyclable.

Fibers modern and elegant, well shaded and metallic.

To wrap any gift or product.

Different diameters and patterns for vases, flowerpots or other containers.

Open bags for wrapping roses, bouquets and small floral compositions .

Paper Sheets

Ecological and recyclable for various uses.

Gift Bags

Polypropylene gift bags for practical, easy and always fashionable packaging.

Plants and flowers to be protected, transported and packaged as a present.


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    • +39 0543  782020
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    • 47122 Forlì (FC) Italia
    • P.IVA: 00376400404