Tuberpack®  is a new type of packaging created after noticing a gap in the market for a packaging barrier for fresh truffles which preserves their aroma and flavour. When ready to use, the truffle is revived along with its seductive fragrance, as if it had just been harvested.

The Tuberpack®  is a practical, protective and above all hygienic package, letting you examine the truffle without touching it. It also solves the perennial problem of unpleasant strong aromas during transportation.

The Tuberpack®  barrier bag keeps the aroma inside, meaning you can put it anywhere, including small travel bags. One of its essential features is the lower amount of weight loss (around 3 to 4 % against the normal 15%).

The Tuberpack®  is the ideal package to be proposed to the gastronomic excellences for the selling of truffles.

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